Is your horse a real athlete? Or do you enjoy hours of relaxins walks together? Both sport and recreational horses will benefit from our services! Because no matter what you do with your horse, one thing is certain: you want a horse with a healthy body and a happy mind! At The Horse Communicator you have come to the right place. In addition to consultations based on holistic medicine/nutrition advice and bioresonance, we also provide professional (online) courses and masterclass events to keep your horse mentally and physically healthy. 


Holistic medicine based on different treatment techniques, bioresonance and nutritional advice.


Take a look at our wide range of professional training courses and turn your passion into your profession!


A three-day event in which we delve into the knowledge of movement, neurology or connection with the horse.

Does your horse suffer from any of the following problems? Then we can definitely recommend a consultation!

  • Chronic problems for which no cause can be found
  • Leg/bone problems (osteoarthritis, lameness, kissing spines, ECVM, OCD,…)
  • Metabolic problems (PPID, KPU, EMS, IR,…)
  • Hormonal problems (fertility, behavioral changes,…)
  • Laminitis
  • Digestive problems (stomach ulcers, frequent yawning, colic,…)
  • Skin problems (Summer eczema, allergies, mudfever, rain rot, sarcoids, melanomas,…)
  • Infectious diseases (lyme disease, tetanus, strangles, flu,…)
  • Muscle problems (Cramping, PSSM,…)
  • Neurological problems (Wobbler, lameness, epilepsy, narcolepsy,…)
  • Respiratory problems (COPD,…)
  • Obsessive behavior (weaving, crib biting,…)
  • Depression, anxiety, aggression/dominance
  • Girthy
  • Learned Helplessness
  • Trauma processing
  • Protest in case of pain (biting, rearing,…)
  • Other ‘problem’ behavior
Equine Healing Practitioner

Help horses recover mentally and physically from trauma through aromatherapy, reiki and healing.

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Equine Acupressure Practitioner

Acupressure is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Thanks to TCM, we help the horse to feel in balance and to promote his general health.

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Equine Massage Therapist

In our 'Equine Massage' course we do not only look at different massage techniques, but also at the neurology and movement of the horse.

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Equine Functional Nutritionist

We take a closer look at how the digestive system works and why certain foods are extremely important for preventing physical and mental problems.

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Inner Connection Coach

In this training we will go deeper into the connection between humans and horses. In addition to the psychology of the horse, we also go very deeply into the psychology of humans.

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Equine Movement Coach

In this training we go deeper into movement through neurology and the science of movement. In addition to the basics of kinematics, we will mainly look at how the brain and nervous system of the horse works.

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Your dreamjob into reality…

Our training courses help you achieve your goal!

Why follow our courses?

– We have been active with our professional courses for years, so we have been able to select what works and what doesn’t
– We see our customers achieve their dream job
– We have years of experience in treating, training and educating horses
– After completing your training you will be registered as a practitioner on our website, so customers will also find you easily
– Our practitioners often work together, we absolutely want to keep this vibe and energy. Do you not like competition and do you want to work together? Then you have definitely come to the right place!


When is a Masterclass event something for you?

– You have lost the fun with your horse that you used to have
– Your horse is mentally out of balance so that you both no longer experience pleasure in traning
– Your horse is physically out of balance, causing you to experience many problems such as physical asymmetry, crookedness,…
– Your horse is no longer having fun and is labeled ‘lazy’
– Your horse cannot perform at a competition like at home
– Your horse may react anxiously and find it difficult to relax
– You don’t know where to start to better understand your horse
– You want to build a bond with your horse  but you don’t know where to start

NES miHealth

Your own therapist at your home, 24/7? That is now possible!

In addition to a treatment, you can also purchase the NES miHealth yourself to support the health of your horse, yourself and your other animals at home. By taking a scan that you perform yourself, we receive all information about that animal/person. We create a specific treatment plan and send it back to the NES miHealth. In addition, you can also treat symptoms without a scan in the event of pain, acute trauma,... This way you can support yourself and your animals daily without having to move!

TOPHORSE food and supplements

TOPHORSE is our own brand of organic food and supplements. Our food and supplements are free from grains, pseudograins, sugar, starch, soy and molasses. In addition, we have a separate, specific mix of food for each type of horse (senior, insulin resistant, sport,...) for a good source of energy, vitamins and minerals. In addition, tasty herbs and amino acids have been added for every type of horse and his/her needs. Our supplements are completely based on organic herbs. Our range focuses on horses with various problems such as metabolic problems, eczema,...